University of British Columbia

Specially-designed lab equipment for scientists

A university department contacted us to design the circuits for new lab equipment they needed to carry out highly specialised experiments.

What CircuitBuilder did...

Given how the scientists were going to use the equipment, the project demanded meticulous attention to detail throughout, and painstaking design.

The department provided us with a circuit simulation, which gave us a starting point for our work. As well as designing and building the circuit boards, we advised on the selection of several of the components for the equipment. Because of the collaborative tools on the CircuitBuilder platform, we could discuss changes, efficiently suggest improvements, and make sure that the client was reassured at every step.

The Outcome

The circuit for the new equipment was delivered on time and to budget, and is now being used. The client was extremely happy with the final design!

We collaborate a lot with institutions and companies who need to build specialist new equipment: this can be for hospitals, labs, manufacturing plants, robotics – the application of CircuitBuilder is broad. Get in touch if you have some equipment you're trying to develop for a particular task and we'll see if we can help.

[CircuitBuilder were] very easy to work with and there was no miscommunication