What sensors can tell us about how people use spaces

spacelab_ is an architectural firm that focuses on designing for people rather than architecture for its own sake. As part of a major rethink of office design, they asked us to develop a sensor that would help them understand how people move around workspaces.  

What CircuitBuilder did...

It was crucial for us to work with spacelab_ to draft the right brief to guide the project. This informed how we could design and develop a commercial product. We then identified the most suitable components for it, and with these developed a prototype.

Creating the final product involved collaborating with a firmware engineering company so that we could capture all the necessary requirements for the sensor. The product was delivered in just a few months. As with many of the projects we run, we worked with the client from the initial concept all the way to commercial production.

The Outcome

spacelab_ is now in a position to deploy these sensors in their clients’ offices: they can gather valuable data to help them create better, more efficient environments for people to work in.

An architects' practice may seem an unusual fit for an electronics design company but, in many ways, they are an excellent partner for CircuitBuilder: they had an idea for a product but were unsure how to realise it; they are forward-looking and driven by the need to deliver an outstanding experience for their clients; and they expected the electronics design to meet the high standards of their own work.

As well as designing printed circuit boards (PCBs) for consumer electronics, CircuitBuilder works with companies across many traditional sectors such as construction and manufacturing, alongside newer industries like autonomous vehicles, IoT, and EdgeAI. Whether you're a start-up, a scale-up or well-established company, please get in touch to find out how we may work together.

CircuitBuilder made the process of designing our complex IoT devices much more streamlined. The communication and ongoing support has been exceptionally good. I would highly recommend them.