New tools to allow doctors to treat their patients whatever the distance

EYOTO is a leading provider of remote healthcare technology for the eyes. They approached us to create a new series of circuit boards that could be integrated into their products.

What CircuitBuilder did...

Emerging as a start-up from Aston University, one of the best optometry schools in the world, Eyoto's goal is to change the way eye care is delivered around the globe. It draws on advances in technology, such as artificial intelligence, to create exciting new software and hardware products for optometry.

They asked us to work with them because they needed electronics that could run their highly innovative products. The project began with them sending us a schematic, sketched on a digital whiteboard, which they wanted to be turned into a printed circuit board (PCB).

Most traditional PCB design companies would have expected a full schematic but we were able to interpret their sketch to produce the board they needed. Created through the CircuitBuilder platform within a few days, we delivered a bespoke circuit board that fully met their requirements.

The Outcome

The project underlined CircuitBuilder’s uniqueness in the industry in taking the very beginnings of a design all the way through to a complex, professionally designed product. EYOTO continues to work with us, engaging us to deliver circuit boards that will drive their products.

As with every client we’ve had, CircuitBuilder has been able to fit well within the client’s pre-existing structures and workflows. Whether a client has engineers in-house and wants an extension to that team, or needs outside expertise to help bring a product to market, we can help.

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