Custom Electronics
Made Simple

We design circuit boards for companies that create inventive products.

CircuitBuilder powers the electronics of some of the world’s most innovative organisations.

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How it works


Once you’re happy with your quote, our team of circuit design engineers can guide you through every step, from concept all the way to the assembled circuit board.

Everything is managed and stored in the CircuitBuilder Platform


We design your custom electronics but can look after building it too! We work with a number of companies, both in the UK and abroad, so that your circuit boards are delivered on time and in budget. You may need a prototype built in a few days, or production quantities where every penny counts – either way, we'll make sure your design is built to the highest standards.


It doesn't end with a circuit board! At any point during your project, and even once it's done, a CircuitBuilder engineer will be available to give you the answers you need. If you have a question on your design, need to discuss changes, or even just want a geeky chat about PCB layout, impedance matching and signal propagation, we're always here!

Give us a call any time, drop us an email, or send a message using the built-in chat feature.

The Platform

We use the CircuitBuilder platform to manage your project because it makes everything so much more efficient and easy.

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